Monday, January 2, 2017

A Good Switching

Some of friends may have never heard of having a good switching (a real contradiction in words). You can take my word for it, there is nothing good about it. When I would misbehave and my mother would be sure to catch me she would ask "Do you want a good switching?" and of coarse the proper answer was not to say a word. If you did give a truthful answer it would just make thing worse because no one in their right mind would say that they want one.

I think the worse part of a switching was when you were made to go out in the yard and break off your own switch from one of the bushes in the yard. I made the mistake of taking a branch from a rose bush one time thinking that my mother would never use that. Well, she didn't but I got a couple of extra swipes with a belt she had near by. Didn't make that mistake again.

I can honestly say I never got a switching I didn't deserve but I did miss a few that I never collected on. Hate to let you more liberal minded folks know that the switching left no permanent scares and probably kept me out of quite a bit of trouble in the long run.

Kids today have most likely never had their hides tanned by having a good "switching"like some of us old-timers! Maybe if they had there would not as much need of our court system.

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